Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

AKIBA TODAY(hereinafter refer to as "our site") observes Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and properly handles the personal information of our clients in accordance with the following privacy policy:

1.Collection and Usage of Personal Information
Our site collects only the necessary personal information and will ask for prior approval upon collection of such necessary personal information. Our site collects personal information within the scope of purpose as described below and will not use the personal information for the purpose other than described herein nor provide the said information to the third party without the prior approval from the owner of the private information.

2.Usage of Cookie
Our site uses Cookie to protect the personal information. The Cookie to be used is valid only during the session. Rest assure that only the session ID will be kept in Cookie and not the personal information itself.

3.Log File is keeping the information of our client who has visited our site in our  access log. The said information includes IP address, domain name, kind of browswer used for viewing our site and date and time of access. Such information will be used solely for the purpose of management and usage analysis of our site.

4.Sharing of Personal Information
Our site will never provide nor share the private information entrusted by the user without the prior consent except for the cases described below. Provided, however, that we may disclose or provide the private information to the third party without the prior consent from the owner of the said information in the case when the request to disclose the information was made in accordance with the law.

This website contains links to other websites. We reccomend you to read the privacy policy of the linked website as we can not assume the responsibility for the handling of private information of such linked website.

6.Management and Security of Personal Information
All of our staffs involved in our site are performing their duties while keeping the protection of personal information in mind at all time through training and meeting that are to be held on regular basis to obtain the latest information about security and privacy. Also, every information acquired from the users are allowed to be used only within our site  and can be accessed only by the selected staff who requires private information. Furthermore, our site adops information protection measure using SSL encryption techology to protect the important information online.

7.Revision and Update of Personal Information
In case when the personal information you have registered is to be changed or needs to be revised or to be suspended from usage, we will do so upon receiving the notice from you through e-mail or phone and after proper verification of identity.

8.Notice of Alteration
Any revision or alteration made to the privacy statement of our site will be informed through our webpage.

9.Contact Information
For more information about our privacy statement, please send us your inquiry at the ff. e-mail address:

Room 309 Rakunou Kaikan 1-37-20 Yoyogi, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Japan


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