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Collaborative Project by Pasela for Broadcast Debut of "Nyan Koi!" - Cat Menu Offered

posted 09/11/04


Karaoke studio operator Pasela is developing a collaborative project called "Nyan Koi! & Pasela."


©藤原里・フレックスコミックス/にゃんこい!製作委員会 画像はニャムサスパスタ

Nyan Koi! is based on the comic created by Sato Fujiwara, which has been made into an anime and broadcast on the TBS network starting in October. The story is about the main character, Junpei, a boy who absolutely hates cats and is allergic to them, but then one day is able to understand what they say. The romantic comedy's story develops with Junpei granting the wishes of cats who come to him. He develops "a bit of a good relationship" with Kaede, a cat owner who is a beautiful young girl and older than him, though his love for this natural beauty goes unnoticed by the target of his affection.

The collaborative project has been started in celebration of the anime's broadcast. An original menu of food is being offered with themes based on the series' characters such as Nyan Koi! Honey Toast (880 yen), Noroi wa Kakarimasen - Neko Jizo Cake (meaning "No Curse - Guardian Deity of Cats Cake; 680 yen) and Nyamsus Pasta (980 yen), as well as Yuenchi de Nondeita Love x2 Juice (meaning "Playing at the Amusement Park Love x2 Juice; 630 yen) and Love Love Takoyaki (380 yen). Customers ordering from the menu will get specially made Nyan Koi! pins.

Pasela locations in Akihabara, Shinjuku, Ueno, Ochanomizu and Ikebukuro Nishiguchi are offering the original foods until November 12.

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Nyan Koi!(Japanese)

New Evangelion Event at Cure Maid (Akiba Today)



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