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Bome Exhibition at Shibuya Parco

posted 08/10/23

Bome (ボーメ) is easily the most famous figurine and statue sculptor in Japan. Even though declared the "King of Otaku" by the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art he recently gained more recognition in the international art scene. This profile change began ever since he collaborated with famous Murakami Takashi, and on the life-size bishojo figure “Project Ko2” in 1995. After that various overseas exhibitions followed, turning Bome into an established creator of contemporary arts. The original 1:1 statue sold for $567,000 at Christie’s in 2003 should prove that point even more.

Nevertheless, Bome is most famous for his female figurines based on popular manga, anime or video game characters. While many people point to his crafting skills and sense for natural poses, the main reason for his success lies in the fact that he is responsible for overcoming the “three-dimensional contradiction". Looking at anime characters that often seem to live life without a nose unless in profile view, it seemed impossible to bring these characters to the 3d world without making sacrifices. Bome however managed to avoid this, making him a true figure pioneer.


To celebrate the 10 year mark in spending life in the contemporary art scene, Shibuya Parco held an exclusive exhibition for Bome. Fans were delighted to be able to see about 80 works on from his earliest productions, one figure was dated back to 1982, up to his most recent works for Kaiyodo his current employer.  

His infamous 100 cm Love Hina was present, was well as figures in their various production stages. Also an interview with the master was playing on loop where he talked about michelangelo being his idol amongst other things.



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