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iPhone release in Akihabara

posted 08/07/12

On July 11th the iPhone started selling worldwide and for the first time it is finally available in japan leading to endless lines and people practically living on the street for as long as 3 days in a row. This phenomenon can be seen all over the world now but in Japan this has been custom for a long time whenever sought-after items were released like the game Street Fighter 2 for the SNES in 1992. 
The battle between phone distributors in Japan was tough but the skilled people at Softbank, whose korean rooted founder Masayoshi Son was the richest man in Japan in 2006 according to Forbes, managed to pull the rope to their side. This looks like a major winner for Softbank as most customers  waiting in line in front of Akihabara's Yodobashi Camera appeared to be users of other distributors like KDDI or Docomo. 
The doors opened at 8.30 in the morning and stock lasted for about 30 minutes, long before the actual ceremony were Softbank President Masayoshi Son explained that the iPhone will make digital life more enjoyable mainly by providing easy acces to the iTunes Store. This might prove true regarding the fact that with the upcoming App Store users will be able to download many new features and 3rd party applications. Famous TV actor Tanihara Shosuke also attended the ceremony and was among the testers who all stated that the internet browser works really fast and that they are looking forward to enjoy the new features of the phone.
Like all over Japan Yodobashi Camera has currently run out of stock and is not taking Reservations for the iPhone until the date for reshipments has been made public.

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Good thing. I have had a first generation iphone and i love it. I unlocked my iphone and it made it a lot better by enabling 3rd party applications before apple even had the idea of incorporating it into the 3G iphone. Hope you guys look for the unlocking tool for the 2.0 Firmware. Good Luck and have a blast with your new IPHONES!!!

Francisco 08/07/31 9:54 AM

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