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The movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still-The essence of phenomenon recognition says as-

posted 09/01/26

※Takaya Kobayashi writing

The movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, starts on 19th of December.Nothing special reason there but it caught my curiosity somehow.Since it is impossible,  I enjoys imagine how it will be. A stadium
breaks in broken pieces from the trailer aired as TV commercial is awesome.

In many cases,advertisements and TV commercials are created based on the epistemology of "Immanuel Kant" and "Emile Durkheim" that man recognizes only the phenomenon which appeared in the surface.

About 390,000 people were killed in "Spanish Flu" in Japan, generated worldwide once having applied from 1918 to 1919. After that, in 1923,140,000 people were killed by "1923 Great Kanto earthquake". Although there is more Spanish Flu with the number of the dead,  1923 Great Kanto earthquake had left more impact in memory of Japanese people.A house was falling, a road was breaking just before your eyes and witnessed many casualties, that is behind of the strong impression of Kanto earthquake and it was not forgotten.On the other hand, Spanish Flu, the "death" was not exposed to many people's eyes.  Sick persons were taken to a hospital and their family
were their beside when they died in a hospital.

That is to say that we need to understand the surface and essence well and have to live with the right recognition.





 認識に関してちょと、難しいお話ですが・・・人間は、表面に現れた事象のみを認識する。コマーシャルは、この人間の本性を活用して作ってるんです。 (カント/デュルケームの認識論)



Takaya Kobayashi is Representative of "Akiba-tsu", free town information magagine Representative of Akihabara Cleanup Fellowship, volantary cleanup activity organization "Akihabarajin", a book published Born in 1955 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, now living in Akihabara.Graduated from department-of-economics, Senshu University.Through a private secretary to Yoshinobu Shimamura, House of Representatives member, had experienced a saralied worker.Secretary general of "voice of Chiyoda", four-person faction (or group) by members of Chiyoda ward assembly 5th term (independent) Councillor of Senshu University Head of the Environmental and Educational Committee Member of Chiyoda ward assembly

秋葉原まちの紹介タウン誌フリーマガジン「あきば通」代表。アキバおそうじボランティア、秋葉原お掃除志隊代表。著書:「秋葉原人」(アキバゲンジン・エール出版)。1955年千代田区外神田生まれ(秋葉原在住)。専修大学経済学部卒業。衆議院議員 島村宜伸秘書を経てサラリーマンを経験。千代田区議会議員 五期(無所属)四人会派『ちよだの声』幹事長、専修大学評議員、環境文教委員会委員長。千代田区議会議員(現職)。

Takaya Kobayashi blog (Japanese)


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