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posted 08/09/25


 1ko.jpgのサムネール画像Hello! Nice to meet you.I am Chikako-jo and staff of AKIBA Today.Yoroshiku-ne^^

This time the theme of my colum is "PEPSI STAR WARS BE@RBRICK (in Japan)".
"PEPSI STAR WARS BE@RBRICK" is the campaign that PEPSI push their product "PEPSI NEX" in July. This campaign is a tie-up with "STAR WARS Celebration Japan" wich is held to Celebrating the Japanese 30th anniversary of the movie.If you bought  "PEPSI NEX",you could get the STAR WARS BE@RBRICK. STAR WARS BE@RBRICK is BE@RBRICK(bear figure which is made of plastic) painted STAR WARS character.

There is 16 characters.Line up character is...full.jpg
「Darth Vader」「Darth Maul」「Stormtrooper」「Boba Fett」「Jango Fett」「TIE Fighter Pilot」「Jawa」「Imperial Logo」「Yoda」「C-3PO」「R2-D2」「Chewbacca」「Wicket」「Clone Trooper[Ep II]」「Clone Trooper[Ep III]」「Rebel Alliance Logo」

I liked it .So I seeked it ! But it was sold out. I visited many combini in Tokyo to find it.

I got it!!
I could collect 8.

ework.jpg  clone.jpg  imperiar.jpg

boba.jpg  trooper.jpg  jawa.jpg

R2.jpg  vader.jpg

My favorite is R2-D2^^

How about you?


I apologize my bad grammar.(^^;

By  Chikako - Jo


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