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Akiba Shrine

posted 08/07/30

Akiba22.JPGのサムネール画像のサムネール画像When you get off at the Electric Town Exit of JR Akihabara, the yellow flashing neon of “Radio Kaikan” in Japanese; one of the founding fathers of Akihabara’s now buzzing Electric Town – but not of the currently popular Cosplay or anime phenomena, comes into view. When ascending to the 2nd floor, a mini-version of the early Meiji-era (1868-1912) Akiba Shrine stands quietly, unobserved by many. 
The word “Akihabara” originated in this shrine and was founded to protect against fire. However, until 1888, the shrine was a lot larger, before the enshrined god was relocated in order to facilitate construction of the present day station. Nowadays the shrine proper can be found near Iriya Station (Metro Hibiya Line), and each November – 6th – plays host to the “Hiwatari” religious ceremony in which the pious walk barefoot over burning coals in order to continue with its role in protecting the Japanese capital from fire. 
Kodama  from Japan Hopper 2008/07/25



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