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A new Heat

posted 08/07/24




All the rain that recently poured down here in Japan is an essential element for the rice harvest in autumn but now that the rainy season is over it's going to be a hot summer again.


Last year during summer, I remember reading an interesting story on the web that went along these lines:

“ On a very hot Sunday, it was around 5 p.m., I went into a supermarket to buy some food for dinner.

Inside I noticed this guy, middle aged, a bit overweight, otaku-style wearing a T-shirt.

He was kind of running around inside store and kept shouting in a fairly large voice,

“Mo-e! Mo-e!” .


I thought “yeah, with this heat and all, I just hope he won't lose his mind….”


He kept yelling, and coming around the corner I saw a shocking sight.

This guy was about to hold a little girl that was maybe 3 feet tall, with his arms!

“Oh no! This is not good, this is not good !”, I thought and started to walk towards this guy to stop him from ruining his whole life.

“He must be insane! I must stop him NOW!”


That second I heard him say “I was looking for you all around Moe! Where have you been? My little girl?”

The little girl said “Daddy, I was looking for you too.”

Okay it wasn’t “Moe” as it is commonly used in the Otaku world, it really just was the name of his little daughter..

“Great, no one in danger, it is very hot day, I should rest a little” I thought to myself.


Funny? no? (^o^)v 

I hope you got the “Mo-e” part as it’s not so cool to explain a joke.

If Akiba doesn’t get it this whole section will be deleted anyway, no worries.

My friends in Tokyo really enjoyed that one though.


Now some news for the Kamen/Masked Rider fans:


The “Masked Rider Den-O and Kiva: Climax Deka” had the weekend top box office sales in the second week of April this year.

Another movie from this series is around the corner, with a release on August 9th, 2008,

Masked Rider Kiva: The King of Hell Castle”.


They had a press release event recently together with the movie “Engine Sentai Go-onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!!”.



A lot of press gathered at the event to promote the famous summer movie series for the kids.

Masked Rider Kiva and the villains were showing in front of the crowds and suddenly this huge panel on which they were displaying the poster of the movie opened in half, and the huge boss villain Masked Rider ARK appeared! 10 feet tall! One of the largest villains on Masked Rider series. That will be interesting to see on the screen. Really COOL isn’t it?


And you know this is the internet era so for the first time the Masked Rider series will have an original spin-off movie for the web, called “Net Edition: Kamen Rider Backwards-Kiva: The Queen of Hell Castle”, starting from July 11th (Japan Time).


If you have friends in Japan you can tell them to buy the Masked Rider 10 Half Dollar Coins from the Franklin Mint web site in Japan and send to you guys if you are one of those coin collectors.


I apologize for the fact that we can't take orders from overseas yet….


I saw the movie “Hancock” yesterday; well it had a good twist here and there.

I thought it was going to be one of those super hero movies, but it was different in a good way.

Hancock is hated and goes to jail for the damage he had made to the public and he has no friends at all.

He gets really mad when called in way he doesn't like, but I will let you see the movie for that one.


Overall I liked it so I recommend it to you!


Jaa Minna Mata! (See you guys!)


Accel, Ishimori Production Inc.


"Accel" is one of Managing Directors at Ishimori Production Inc. host to the "King of Manga" Shotaro Ishinomori who wrote more than 700 Manga titles and is therefore now registered in the guinness book of world records. His works include "Cyborg009", "Kamen Rider (or Masked Rider)", "Go Ranger", "Kikaider" ,"Robocon", "Hotel", "Sabu and Ichi", and many more.

Ishimori Production's vision is to spread his works around the globe in various ways including comics, TV shows, movies, animations, internet,mobile, character merchandise and live shows. 



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